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FIFA 18 Players

FIFA 18 Is The Most Popular Football Simulation Game On PS4/XboxOne/NintendoSwitch/PC Developed By EA Sports. The Game Provides The Both Online And Offline Mode For Every Ages Of People Who Loves Football Or Just Loves To Play Football Game. At The Very Beginning Of The Start You Can Try On The Career Mode Along With The Tutorial Step By Step So That You Can Grasp The Basic Handling And Game Rules Quickly.

These Last Few Months Have Stirred Up A Lot Of Controversy With Loot Boxes And Microtransactions But There’s A Reason Publishers Keep Adding Them Into Games. cheapest fifa coins

Speaking At An Investor Program (And Partially Transcribed By Gamesindustry.Biz) EA CFO Blake Jorgensen Has Stated About Half Of The ~75% Of FIFA 18 Players That Play The Game’s Ultimate Team Mode Eventually Spend Money In The Mode. This Ends Up Being At Just Around A Third Of FIFA 18 Players Are Paying For Microtransactions.

Here Is Jorgensen’s Breakdown Of The FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Numbers:

“Today About 70-75% Of All The People That Buy The Sports Games Join Ultimate Team,” Jorgensen Said. “It’s Fun. It’s A Great Way To Play The Game. Of Those 75% Of The People About Half Of Those People Actually Spend Some Money And The Other Half Just Play Without Spending. But In A Free-To-Play World That’s A Fantastic Balance Of Spenders And Non-Spenders.”

Jorgensen Also Speaks About How Microtransactions Help With Player Enjoyment:

“This Entertainment Form Is Probably One Of The Greatest Entertainment Values For Consumers,” Jorgensen Said. “If You Go To A Movie Today It Can Cost You In The US $20 To Get In The Movie Before You Buy Popcorn Which Is Fun. It’s Great I Love It. But At The Same Time A $60 Video Game That People Are Playing Three Four Five Thousand Hours During The Year On That’s A Lot Of Value For Your Money. And Even If You Spend Some Money On Top Of That You’re Typically Spending It On Increasing The Fun And Excitement Of The Game. So We’re Just Trying To Give The Consumers What They Really Want And More Of It Versus Trying To Build Another Game Or Do Something Different.”

Those Hour Counts Seem Rather High Especially Considering He’s Talking About A Series With New Yearly Installments.

Regardless Make Sure To Check The Gameindustry. best fifa coins website Biz Article For More Choice Quotes From The Presentation At The NASDAQ 37th Investor Program.

Have You Spent Any Money On The Ultimate Team Mode?

If You Want To Become A Notable Football Star And Make Your Name On The Official Monthly Leaderboard Of Online Mode Build Up Your Dream Team And Join The Ultimate Team. FIFA 18 Coins Is The Currency In The Game Which Is Required To Purchase Players In Transfer Market.

Buy FUT 18 Coins For PS4/XboxOne/Switch/PC And Other Hot Games Currency With 100% Assurance At You Will Receive The FUT 18 Coin Within In-Time Delivery Once We Get The Order. In Order To Provide The Best Service And The Cheapest FUT 18 Coins Please Check Twice Before Submit Your Order Sheet Information Especially For You Account ID Server Name And Player Names. Still We Promise 100% Refund For Invalid Orders Within Three Workdays. We Adhere To The Purpose Of Customer Service.

Posted: 2017-12-07
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